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quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

beauty trends - the ones to watch:eyes & brows:year 2011 :under eye glitter

 beauty trends - the ones to watch:eyes & brows:year 2011 :under eye glitter
Glitter falls like crystallized tear drops, settling under the eyes with a magical prettiness. Applied to a nude matte face this look can add a touch of subverted girlish charm, with fingers gently dabbing glitter to the lower outer corners of the eye. Meanwhile heavy kohl-lined waterlines bring a grungy aesthetic to stabilize this princess pretty look. Apply densely underneath the lower lash line and allow to "fall-out" onto the edge of dewy cheekbones. Choose slate or charcoal grays to create a dark and brooding look that turns this glitter into a fragile yet glistening bruise effect.

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