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quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

beauty trends - the ones to watch:eyes & brows:year 2011 :upside-down shadow

beauty trends - the ones to watch:eyes & brows:year 2011 :upside-down shadow
Reversing the traditional application of eyeshadow, under eyes become the new focal point for color and decoration. Think next morning makeup that has been smudged and rubbed to leave darkened hedonistic eyes that appear moody and tired. Borrowing from a grunge aesthetic this look requires heavy and dense application close to the lower lash line which gradually blends to a refined fall-out appearance. Keep upper lids nude or simply apply fake lashes for eyes they avoid becoming over-styled. For more control experiment with wet-look textures and smudge sticks that blend easily and act as a base for glitter or powdery textures to settle on.

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